What is the #1 habit that leads to success?

A 5 year survey of the habits of the wealthy ($3 million+ in assets) vs. the poor (income under $30k/yr) found that listening to audiobooks was a defining habit of the wealthy. 63% of wealthy people listened to audiobooks during their commute compared to only 5% of the poor. [Source: Corley Study]

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Brandon Gaille has been advising his clients and inner circle for 15 years, and he listens to over 100 personal growth audiobooks each year. He has founded six multimillion dollar companies over the past two decades, and more than 500,000 people read his blog, BrandonGaille.com, every month. Let one of the world's top personal growth experts guide you down the path to success and happiness, choose your plan now.

Brandon was inspired to share his expertise in the field of personal development after cancer almost took his wife and child away from him. Without the foundation from personal growth, he believes he would not have been able to make the tough decisions that gave his wife and child the fighting chance they needed. Read his family's inspiring story.

Our Cause

Here is the inspiration behind our cause as told by our Curator and Chief Motivational Officer, Brandon Gaille...

During the fifth month of my wife's pregnancy, a red mark appeared on her breast along with a nodule about the size of a small pencil eraser. A month later, the nodule had grown to the size of an orange, and my wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer. During a seven day period, with my wife entrenched in depression, I was asked to make an impossible choice between my wife and my son.

I decided that there had to be another way. I spent 20 hours a day using the internet and email to find everything I could about how cancer grows in pregnant women. Three days in, I found something. On the fourth day, I asked the oncologist to perform a variation of the needle biopsy. My version used a hexagonal axis for the basis of testing all areas of the tumor. My suspicion was that the growth rate of the tumor, which was stimulated by pregnancy hormones, had caused the clinical diagnosis to be inaccurate. The results came back on day five, and my theory was confirmed. MD Anderson's top doctors came together in an emergency meeting to confirm my theory, and I no longer had to choose between my wife and my son. On day seven, my wife joined only a handful of women to ever have had a mastectomy during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Our first son was born healthy three months later. On December 23rd of that same year, we found out that my wife was officially cancer free. Twenty years of personal development had prepared me for the most difficult moment in my life, and I created Motivation in a Box so that I can help others be ready for their tests in life. In honor of all women battling breast cancer, we donate a portion of our profits to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

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